Last week 's squat day was used to help get my knee back into shape.  I see a significant reduction in swelling within twelve hours when I stick with the program, not to mention things always feel so much better.

Foam Rolling

Mobility Work

With the new site here, I will make a specific post outlining what I do for these.

Ab Wheel - 3x10


S - 1x5

T - 1x5

.5 - 1x5

2 - 1x5

2.5 Parallel Set - 1x3

SSB Good Morning

175, 3x6

Knee Work

Bent Knee Iron Crosses - 3x6

Rollovers into V Sits - 3x6

Rocking Frog Stretch - not sure these technically had a rep range.

Fire Hydrant Circles - 3x6 per leg

Mountain Climbers - skipped. I'm fragile.

Cossack Squats - 3x6

Seated Piriformis Stretch - This always feels so good.


body weight reps - 3x5

plate hold reps - 3x5