Just adding a little variety in my training. I've only done these once before and that was with a giant cambered bar at Elitefts. That day I was able to good morning 545 but didn't even budge off the box as I attempted to stand up with it.

The good morning was significantly easier with the cambered bar as opposed to the straight bar I used in this workout. The squat was easier with the straight bar. I worked up to 455 for a pretty tough single. I kept all my sets at 1 rep, if you get sloppy/lazy these can definitely put you in a compromising position.

Squat Morning:
bar x a few reps
145x1 x2 sets
195x1 x2 sets

Shown in the video is 375, it was the last rep that actually looked good. The next two were pretty rough. As I'm writing this a day later, my back is fried! But, it was a good way to mix things up a little bit and I like these 100x more than regular good mornings.

Accessory work:
Banded Good Mornings 2x20
Hammer Strength Hamstring Curl 2x20