This will be my first full meet in a year. It is an RPS meet at Rivercity Barbell in Newport, Ky. I have done a couple of deadlift only meets since, so I am hoping to hit a big squat PR.

I worked up to a 635 lb squat, which will be my projected opener for the meet. My meet PR is only 640lbs, so needless to say I am expecting to hit a pretty big PR. Thank you to the crew at The Strength Lab for all of the help! We have a pretty good training crew right now and we hopefully have two more good lifters coming on board here soon.

bar x 10
1 plate x5
2 plates x5
3 plates x3
3 plates/25 x3
4 plates x 2
4 plates/25 x1
5 plates x 1 (light wraps on)
5 plates/25 x1 (Maverick wraps on)
635 lbs x 1 in Krait Knee Wraps
The Kraits are the knee wraps I will use in the meet. If you like a lot of support and a thick, tight wrap these are a great choice.

Here is the video of the squat.