12 days out and feeling less then great.  My blood pressure meds have been tweaked and I'm feeling very lethargic and off.  I adjusted the dose to off set the initial crappyness but it's still lingering.  Damn genetics!!!!

tonight was about speed.


worked up to 565 for a single.  That's 80% of my 705 2nd attempt.

speed squats

365 for 2sets of 2

sumo deadlift

worked up to 565 for a single.  80% of my second attempt

lightening deads with chains

365 for 2 sets of 2

assistance work giant set

good morning 135 for in squat stance

banded standing abs crunch in squat / DL split stance

pauloff band holds with sumo stance

3 sets of 10 each in a row


3 more workouts and it's rest time.  I wonder what I weight?  I should probably check lol.