The meet is 19 days out now.  Today starts week one of the deload/peak mini cycle.


135 for 5 2 sets

235 for 2

325 for 1

415 for 1

505 for 1

605 for 1. 85% of 705

conventional deadlift

225 for 2

315 for 1

405 for 1

495 for 1

605 for 3  85% of 705

I normally only do a single 3 weeks out at this percent but since I have only pulled conventional one time in 10 weeks I thought a couple extra reps wouldn't hurt.

dead rows with out belt

315 for 3

405 for 3

495 for 3

this was hard as hell and hardly rowish lol.  My lats and traps back got some work in though and my low back has really strengthen up with these.

good mornings in DL stance with out belt

145 for5

235 for 5

325 for 5

I carried on with the belt less work to see how gms treated me without a belt.  Surprising it felt great.

glute ham sit ups

3 sets of 20

side bends with 100lb plate

2 sets of 10 each side


so it's 19 days out and I have no clue what I am going to do for the DL.  I am loosing my mind over thinking sumo but I don't feel as strong conventional. I missed 705 2 seperate weeks last month but I pulled a tough 705 conventional last week.  The numbers say I should go conventional based on shear numbers but I still feel in my head that my sumo technique is just in a rut and may show up meet day for a descent pull.  I had some back issues early in the meet cycle and had to alter something's and that sent me back to some old ways that helped helped me pull my all time pr of 755.  Using those methods actually sent me backwards in strength though.  What ever I do will a meet day decision.