Squat / pull day with video

Tonight was a good night. I had a pr triple planned in the squat and I was hoping not to have a depressing DL night. I had my expectations high for the squat and low for the DL. What's new?

Belt and neoprene sleeves

145 for 5 2 sets
235 for 3
325 for 2
415 for 1
535 for 1
635 for 3 pr

Video of 635 for 3

My back is getting better and my depth as a result is almost where i want it.


225 for 2
315 for 1
405 for 1
545 for 1
675 for 1

My technique is slowly getting better and this was the best rep of the cycle so far. We are alternating heavy and speed weeks now. Last week was a speed day with multiple singles at 50% plus a band. This week I felt fresh and again my back was looser then it has been all meet cycle. Changes are great when they yield results.

Dead squat

535 for 1
605 for 1

Dead stop barbell rows with out a belt

225 for 5
325 for 5
425 for 5

Video of 425 for 5

The goal of these is to give my low back some extra work with out the belt with out it breaking it. So far so good. My lats and traps are also getting work in to and they are sore today.

Glute ham raise

3 sets of 10

Knee ext

3 sets of 10


Solid one today. I'm looking forward to benching Thursday.