Squat / Pull day with videos

Squat / pull day with videos

Tonight was a scheduled deload. I have been training solo the last few times and tonight I was excited that john would be back. He was away for work one week and missed a day or two due to snow. John wasn't deloading and was catching up. I decided to just roll with it. I just took a month off and have only done three training weeks up to this point. What the hell am I deloading for any way? John asked what I was doing tonight, jokingly I said 7 plates. He said alright, so that was then the plan.

Squat. Belt only. No sleeves. I forgot to put them on.

135 for 3 sets of 5
225 for 3
325 for 3
405 for 1
495 for 1
585 for 1
675 for 1

Veep of 675

I almost missed this a few ways. I almost tripped on the walk out, and then I lost my balanced mid way through. I don't know How I finished this lift so it was pure luck lol. 675 is my belt only meet pr with out sleeves. I was very happy to do this only 3 weeks into the meet cycle.



225 for 2
315 for 1
405 for 1
485 for 1
585 for 1
700 for zero!!!!!!

This didn't budge and I know why lol. My back is weak and I'm Too slow off the floor. I need to address those ASAP.

Close stance box squats with elitefts yoke bar


Video of 545x3

The close stance stuff is so awkward that I'm starting to enjoy it.

Glute ham raise

3 sets of 10

bw for 60
25 on back for 60
50 on back for 60
75 on back for 60


I need to step my game up with the lats, traps, and abs.

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