Squats at The Strength Lab

Nothing crazy here, but it was my fist time back under a straight bar since my meet at the end of September. We have a good crew going at The Strength Lab right now, with a few new lifters, so the past couple weeks I've done more coaching than lifting.

bar x10
1 plate x 5
2 plates x 5
3 plates x 5
375 x 5
465 x2
505 x1 - Maverick Knee Wraps on

I should have hit a few more reps on the last couple sets buy I was wrapping knees in between the past few sets and apparently I'm in terrible shape because that was really starting to wear me out. How embarrassing.
All of our newer lifters did hit PR's with more in the tank, which is awesome. And we have 1 lifter getting ready for a meet in a few weeks, Josh Cioca, who lifts at 165, hit a pretty easy 505 squat. Which will be somewhere around an opener.

Accessory work:
Cambered Bar Good Mornings 3x10 @ 185 lbs
Standing Abs on cable machine 3x10 as heavy as possible

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