You guys will start to recognize (at least ones that follow my log) that I will be traveling a bit for training, again. Considering the whole lifting crew I train with will be competing at the same meet, I wanted to plan ahead and have a designated handler. First person in mind, who is somewhat local, was Bryan Doberdruk. One conversation and he was on board. I will be traveling to him for the next few weeks.

Fast forward to today, we are having our first squat session together and going through knee wrapping, cues, etc. To say today was not my best training day is an understatement.

You'll hear this time and time again  - the start of any lift will dictate how you will execute it. My unrack was shaky. I couldn't open my hips and get under the bar for the life of me. There were a few things to consider but, at the same time, not to consider. It was a two hour drive to the gym. My shoulder pain is in bad shape again. I dropped about 4-5lbs in the last few days because my lady cycle came to an end. Yes, these are things to consider but come meet day, they won't mean shit. Plan accordingly and don't get too into your head about it.

5 min warm up

Worked up to 285lbs for a single and couldn't really sit into my suit. Went back down to 235lbs to work on unrack and worked my way back up.

Working sets: 355lbs 3 x 1

  • belt squats 3 x 5 paused
  • banded DB swings 3 x 10
  • reverse lunges (with stationary foot elevated on a 25lb plate) 3 x 10/10
  • Cable BTN (behind the neck) pull downs 3 x 10
  • Cable low rows 3 x 10
  • Close stance (heels elevated on 25lb plate) with 50lb DB3 x 10
  • Leg extensions 3 x 10, last set add 10 more partial reps as a finisher
  • Hack squats 1 x 20
  • Hanging leg raises 3 x 10




Thanks to these fellas in my video for the help and support!