I painfully worked up to 415 for a single on the Duffalo bar and it felt like my femurs were going to explode. I'm not trying to be dramatic in any way. I've been in pain my entire life through high school and college sports and all of the training that goes with that. I've been lifting weights since I was 14 years old. What I'm trying to say is, I know discomfort and I know pain...and this pain is problematic.

I consulted Dave, as I normally do. Obviously I'm not looking for any sympathy. Dave's been through a lot worse than me. But he brought up a good point- the drugs that I'm on for Ulcerative Colitis are just another thing that my body has to process- so recovery is (potentially) put on the back burner. I've always struggled to recover from lower days, but this is a different beast. Everything hurts, all the time. Stairs kill my hips and knees. Bending over hurts. Joints ache. So...what I'm trying to say is I need a new approach to training. I'll likely be extending my training cycle from a 12-16 week cycle out to about 24 weeks. I'm just looking at it as a new challenge. Git 'r done.

I finished the day with-

Leg press 3 plates 10-15-20-15-10 with 30-60sec rest

Sled pulls with Jabez and Gabe- 5-6 plates one long trip backwards focusing on the quads, then switching it up on the way back

TKE 5x20

Hanging leg raises 4x10