Today was the best training there is and ever will be....Strongman Saturday! It's a tradition and rite of passage for many strength athletes. It starts with getting up early to train events, getting geeked out on pre-workout, working hard, sweating harder, eating a big lunch and then crashing for an afternoon nap. You know you did it right when you're walking crooked for the rest of the weekend. Let's just say walking is already a chore.


I did some warm up sets with the SquatGuide.

I cannot tell you enough what a life saver the SquatGuide has been for me. Now that things are on track I am using it for warm ups and has streamlined the entire process. I've just found that after some simple 3x5 warm ups, I am dialed in, moving good and ready to go.

Warm ups on squats used to take forever because I spent a lot of time trying to feel "just right" and with my knee it seemed far too lengthy of a process. So I really enjoy using it, now that is doesn't hurt anymore to get into proper squat position.

Front Squats

SquatGuide - 3x5

Bar - 1x5

155, 1x3

175, 1x3

185, 3x3

Earlier this week I talked about the difficulty hitting the 5x5 on my DL the last several weeks. I chucked the 5x5 out the window and did what felt good and appropriate today.  More on that below.


130, 2x100 feet with turns at 50 ft

180, 3x100 feet with turns at 50 ft.

I made some rookie mistakes with my turns, those things were swinging all over the place. My conditioning is terrible right now, but whoooo.....I was moving QUICK.  It felt good and like something snapped back into place or someone lit a fire under my hind end. I haven't felt this quick in a long time and it felt AMAZING!


225 - 2x100 ft (drop and turn at 50 ft)

315 - 2x100 fr (drop and turn at 50 ft)

405 - 2x50 ft.

My main focus was to improve start speed. Weights were light, but I was moving. Such a nice and overdue feeling. All I kept thinking was, "Shoot! Who let the quick girl in today? I hope she decides to move in."

I Could Write You A Conditioning Program!

I was rushing out of the gym as Big Bald was coming in. I was coughing, hacking and sucking some serious wind. I am still pretty congested and sorely out of shape. I could see the look on his face that said so much and no words were needed, "Wow.  And to think I married her by choice. I thought I had seen it all during childbirth.."

I could read his thoughts so I figured I would respond. "I know, I know. I still have a cold and my conditioning is terrible." I didn't even finish the word "terrible" and he piped in, "Let me write you a conditioning program." My reply went something like, *cough* *cough*, *sniffle* and into a loud hacking sound then I could finally talk. "No thanks, I'm good. I'll do it on my own time."

I know what his conditioning programs are. I'm not ready. I want a couple light and easy weeks on the treadmill while building back into event training then I will entertain it. As I turned to walk out I am pretty sure I saw his upper lip curl up as he starting shaking his head in what I am guessing was total admiration for the hotness and hacking that was thankfully walking OUT the door.