Hip flexor stretch

Squat in chucks again!

510x3 (paused first two)
Add light knee wraps
600x3 (paused first two)
650x3 (paused first two)
700x1x2 sets (paused) (86%)

I didn't have a plan going into this training session. I thought I might speed squat and pull, but I had done that the last 3-4 weeks and I haven't moved anything heavy in awhile.  And I was at the compound so I had some extra motivation. The paused squats went better than expected, and 700 didn't feel heavy. Which, in training, usually feels like a ton.
Conventional deads
Touch and go
Hook grip as long as possible
585x5x2 sets (80%)

I'm working on hook grip. I was fine up to three reps on 535. I don't know why I lost it after three but I'll keep playing around with it. I tried it on 585 and couldn't even pick up the bar. It feels like it's rolling away from me when I go to pull, so I have some work to do with it.

Belt squat

I dig the Pit shark. I'll be buying one after I save up enough money...might take awhile.