SS Yoke Bar Speed Squat

I used the SS Yoke bar for my dynamic effort this week. All my sets were to the elitefts squat box on the middle setting, which puts me right at parallel.

SS Yoke bar box squat:
135x5 x2sets
225x5 x 2 sets
315x2 x2sets

365x2 x 6 sets

I was feeling like crap, so I hit 2 sets of almost all my warmup sets. Usually the little extra volume in my warmups gets enough blood pumping to loosen me up.

Accessory work

5 rounds:
10 straight leg deadlift @ 135 lbs
10 glute ham raise
15 ab roll

I got all of this done in just under an hour. (For me) It was a lot of work done, in a relatively short amount of time. It sucks, but I like doing this every once in awhile, because it keeps my in relatively decent shape.

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