Headed up to Elitefts on Saturday to train Max Effort Squat. I squatted with Ted Toalston, Steve Diel, and JD using the Safety Squat Bar. Saturday put me at 7 weeks out from my next RPS meet at Rivercity Barbell.

Safety bar squats:

bar x10
1 plate x10
2 plates x5
3 plates x3
4 plates x 1
4 plates/25 x1
5 plates x1
5 plates/25 x1
600lbs x1
620 x1

The 600 and 620 were both PR's. I'm pretty sure my safety squat PR was 545 going in to this workout, so I'm obviously pretty happy with that.

Accessory work:
Glute Ham Raise 4x10
Reverse Hyper 4x10