I'm 8 weeks out from my next meet at Rivercity Barbell in Newport Ky. My elbows have been getting a little cranky and giving me some issues, so from now on all my dynamic effort squatting will be on the safety squat bar to save my elbows and shoulders as much as I can.

Safety Squat Bar Box squats:

225 + 50 lbs chains x 3
225 + 100 lbs chains x 2
225x 120lbs chains x2
275+chains x2
315+chains x2
365+chains x2 x 8 sets
405+chains x1
455+chains x 1

I like to hit a couple of heavier singles, even on DE days as long as my recovery is going well.

Accessory work:
100 hamstring curls in as few sets as possible (terrible)
100 standing abs in as few sets as possible