Day ones training this week was a success and a bust. I was to amp'd up about squatting and not having arm pain that half way through my session I forgot that the straight bar was suppose to be swapped for the EliteFTS SSB. That ended up biting me for sure by the end of my last working set and carried over to bench training today. In attempt to get work in and still train bench coach had me use more chain weight than bar weight to de-load the tension on my chest. I was able to hit one working set at prescribed weight, dropped on second set, and bailed after that cause I did not feel risk outweighed the reward. Still got a decent day of training in with some pump work to my bicep and tricep leaving the gym with minimal discomfort.

Day 2
*Bench - Duffalo or more chain than weight 3’s Pause 5x5:
1- PX weight
2- 185+6 chain
3- bail pain
*Mid Spotto Press, 3’s pause 4x8: drop weight 225
*Single Arm Dead Stop KB Row (3’s Pause) 2x8: 50
*DB Floor Press (Pause top and bottom) 2x8: SKIP
*DB Hammer zottman curls 2x8: 10
*Band or Cable tricep 2x15: green