So apparently I have a handicap, which is being blind as a bat! Yet again I mis read my program and was suppose to do regular deadlifts WITHOUT a deficit... so I just did my prescribed weight from a 3" deficit, smooth move right? Everything worked out and I finished my reps, still a stupid error.

Day 3 ( stiff bar - conventional wk 1 and 3)
*Conventional Deadlift, stiff bar, 3x5: 500
*SSB Paused Squats 3x6: 385
*A1) Pendlay Rows 4x8: drop to 3x8: 150 ”bicep pain”
*A2) Bulgarian Split Squats 3x8: 25lbs
*B1) Hanging Leg Raises 3x10:
*B2) Paused Pull-ups 2x8: