Had a pretty solid day working on my new sumo stance. My old stance caused adductor pain every time I got into it which means my body was compensating which tells me it was inefficient for me. I have since implemented a few new things and think I may be onto something, it may not be a huge break through as my deadlift was not "bad" but every little bit helps. Enjoying the Squats followed by deadlifts on Day1 and the Deadlifts followed by Squats on day3, Enjoy

*DE, Sumo Deadlift, stiff bar, 5x3: 405 + 4 chains 3x2: 475 + 6 chain (slow)
*SSB Paused Squats 2x8: 355
*A1) Pendlay Rows 3x12: 115
*A2) Bulgarian Split Squats 2x12: 20
*B1) Hanging Leg Raises 2x12: BW
*B2) Paused Pull-ups 3x12: 33 assist