So you know the saying, "learn something new everyday"? Well I learned I suck at spot presses, these were the secondary movement in training and i literally was hit or miss on these. RX called for 320, I was lazy and went with 315, first set was strong and then out of nowhere my second set I failed (last rep). started walking around my head and knocking stuff over and ended up with 3 good sets and 2 failed sets (mid spotto press 5x5: 315) that ended up being the last rep each set. On the other hand main movement bench went well, other than the fact I don't know how to math and was pressing 10lbs less than what I thought I was benching. I have a reoccurring pattern of reading my programming improperly, no I refuse to train in glasses!

*Bench, 3’s Pause 3x5: 275
*Mid Spotto Press, 3’s pause 5x5: 315 Miss groove all over
*A1) Single Arm Dead Stop KB Row (3’s Pause) 4x10: Orange
*A2) DB Floor Press (Pause top and bottom) 4x6: 90
*B1) DB Hammer Curl (slow eccentric) 4x8: 30
*B2) Band or Cable tricep 4x10: 120