Getting the straight weight to crack over the 70% mark and I am feeling pretty good with it. Have not felt 500 on my back in some time, even better that it was on the SSB and I was able to keep my back from putting me into "prison play" mode aka being bent over, for those that missed my attempt at humor.

Conventional deadlifting has gotten very solid and I am excited to implement my progression in back strength to my new sumo stance and see what can be applied and learned on the platform when the pull matters.

*Duffalo / SSB Squat 3x5:505
*Conventional Deficit Dead’s 4x5: 405
*A1) Body Saw 4x5: BW
*A2) Db Glute Bridge (Pause) 4x8: 35
*B1) Banded Side Walks 4x12: green
*B2) Face Pulls 4x12: 80