Fun little training session today which looked a little like this:

*Conventional, Stiff Bar 2x3: 525 then AMRAP: 525 x 8
*SSB Paused Squats 4x5: 425
*A1) Pendlay Rows 5x10: 135
*A2) Bulgarian Split Squats 4x10: BW + 20
*B1) Hanging Leg Raises 4x8: BW
*B2) Paused Pull-ups 4x10: 26 assist

I made a post in the NBS Fitness Powerlifting team page questioning the team how many they thought I could get for the AMRAP on deadlifts. It was quit comical with someone some of the answers being in the 20's.

Screwed up the SSB squats, cause yet again I suck at reading, did them without a pause but whatever. Feeling good and ready for a lower intensity week to follow.