Aside from hitting a huge goal, that sense of accomplishment is few and far between with lifting. If you think about it, the longer we're in the sport, the less we see PRs. We fight to add 5lbs to our total (not that I'm experiencing that at this time). But I've had to take a few steps back to get where I am, and 2 years later, I accomplished that goal.

During the not so glamorous times where we are trying to figure things out and keep our shit together, we question "why do we do this?" Recently while I was training Lindsey, who is a trainer at Union Fitness, hit a huge PR in bench and I got to witness it! I mean, I was super pumped for her. At that very moment I was like "yeah, that's why." It made me realize that the 'reassurance' of what I was trying to accomplish was constantly around me. My teammates, the crew I train with, my training partners. They were my motivation; and the drive to be better was within me. That combination was the key.

Witnessing everyone goal crush at the meet is what it's all about.