Creeping up on just about three years ago I squatted 1016 - which later down the road after weighing the big green 100's the gym had it was 1025- but I'll always stick to 1016.

This was an exciting time for me to say the least - in a brief period, I'm talking four months or less my squat went from low 700's to 1016. We squatted every two weeks, and I was taking 50 - 60 lb jumps each week. Two weeks previous I took 965 so this was my 3rd or 4th 50 lb PR in a row - I was on a roll.

The down side to all this was I cut it high and had a lot of issues with the depth that had to be addressed. Three years later I feel I'm ready to take a run at this again- maybe, being 37 I'm no spring chicken- but I got heart and balls, so we shall see at the Arnold this year.