THE EXPERIMENT (Good-bye speed work) (Also hello trying to pull sumo again) (Wow so much happened today)


If you have been following along with any regularity (RIGHT, DEAR READER??!!), you have seen that our speed squat percentages sometimes stray from the generally accepted 45-60% guidelines.


Here is the test which is being conducted: maybe I don’t really need speed work. Dave surmised that speed work doesn’t make me faster (this is true) so maybe I would benefit more from sub-max work instead so at least I can try to get stronger. For the time being, the set and rep scheme will still be similar to traditional speed work but the percentages will be in the sub-max range and I will be less concerned about making them AFAP (as fast as possible). (Look it up) (Actually, don’t).






  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)



  • DE Lower- straight bar to parallel box, 60% PM 10x2 2 chains each side girls 4 chains each side guys


My perceived full gear max right now is about 500 (according to Dave) so I started with 300 but that was definitely too slow and shitty to be a week 1 so we dropped it down to 255 to put me at around 300 on week 3.


Also a note on perceived maxes: it doesn’t really matter wtf I base it off of. The point is what the exertion/speed looks like on the percentage. 60% should be not super easy but also not super hard. There we go.




  • Speed pulls against mini band 50% CM 5x5 reset each rep


215 5x5. I pull conventional- I have for years. But halfway through these sets I decided I wanted to see what my sumo was like. This had been percolating in my head since the last time I pulled off blocks and it was shitty. After that, I thought I should have tried pulling sumo just to see where it's at. Dave was quietly judging me as usual but he was extra uh benevolent today and let me do this.


I think it’s beneficial to be proficient in both ways of pulling (bi-sexupull) but I really haven’t been working my sumo. For years. So I think from here on out I’ll be throwing in some opposite stance work for Lily & the gang.





  •  RDL 5 sets of 8-10


205x5x10. RDLs have really taken a hit since my back has been fucked up. For a while. I’m hoping building these up will have some carryover to my pull and general unshittiness of back strength.



  • Inverse Curl 5x5


Quarter dime



  • Wide stance pit shark or belt squat go low 4x10


Stupidlyyyy I didn’t write down what I did for this



  • Hatfield back raise 3x12-15


I’m still trying to figure out how to be proficient in these but I do like that it’s a mid back exercise. Those are few and far between.



  • Belt squat marching more weight than last time 3x90 sec


3 plate waddle waddle

chains home

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