One of my favorite interviews is Kirk Karwoski talking about a guy being in "his" squat rack and throwing his shit and threatening him with throwing a forty-five-pound plate at him. When I stumbled onto powerlifting, I seriously thought "wow this is for me" having an attitude problem, I figured this would be something I could be myself and push my body physically since football was now a thing of my past.

Flash Forward

Nowadays we have a bunch of "lifters" who've exchanged programming and training, for a Johnny Knoxville presents jackass style Instagram clip. Plotting and planning ways to maximize likes and views.

I suck at collecting data, so I'm not going to throw out random numbers and percentages, but the vast difference of "views" and "likes" on someone like Jp Price walking out, and dunking a grand vs. someone idiot(s) doing fucking backflips or chugging beers blows my mind.

I know, I know the guy bitching about people lifting for views using views to prove a point, if you think that thought at this very moment kicks rocks you are part of the problem. It's the principle, and shows that the frat boy era is fully upon us: fire, beer, explosives, flips and any other dumb shit that gets them excited is now more sought out than an actual feat of strength.

I see seminars popping up with these clowns, they pay a guy money to spray beer and do flips, yet these same people wouldn't drive 3 hours and drop fifty bucks to fucking learn something about getting stronger. It kills me, I know I sound pouty and sensitive, but this is my passion, my love, if you feel strongly about it, see me and say something, most of you powderlifters are sweeter than double chocolate chunk cookies anyway.

I'm tired of beating this dead horse, but here's one more last fast pitch down the middle. I know the chances of me changing this are slim to none, but if this offends you GOOD, and guess what IDGAF!

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