It was a warm June morning, I picked Greg (Craig) up at O'Hara airport, and we drove a few hours east to South Bend Indiana for a seminar. We bullshitted and exchanged stories about lifting, jail, lifting in jail, and every once in a while some regular life shit- like how we have the same car.

We arrived in south bend kind of late, and we were all famished- surprise, right? We hit the gym that the seminar was going to be held at, as we walked in some kid started telling us how he wanted to deadlift but he was sore or some shit, but he might push it because the gym he trains at is intense and we couldn't understand what it's like. Standing next to Greg- who trained at Westside- I knew he had no idea who he was, after a few choice words my guys decided it was best I leave, hey I was hangry.

Sushi spot- we walked in and heads turned, which is nothing new. Our waitress was excellent, and the chef came out took pics with us it was a cool little place, but the sushi sucked lol. Greg and I started going back and forth about the bench, of course, since he blew his legs off like LT Dan. He doesn't have a leg to stand on in the squat argument other than the "back in my day gear queer stories" he loves to relive.

Seminar Day

The gym cleared a spot and replacing the moved equipment was 6 or 7 rows of folding chairs- filled with people toting water bottles and notebooks. So the seminar starts off, Swede and Greg are dropping knowledge to the people attending- when the question of whos the strongest guy in the room pops up, looking right at Greg we both laugh and say me- and so it starts again.

The pop shots from dinner boil over into the seminar, the group is now front and center to the Jp & Greg show. After the back and forths and "fuck it let's bench right now" challenge Swede had to intervene and remind us we were there to help people- we chilled but the comments didn't. Many of you reading this follow us on social media and see the back and forth which has become a weekly event- but I think many of you are missing the beauty that's blinded by what you see as comedy.

The Truth Is  

Truth be told, this beef is a sign of respect- what good would beef with one of those west coasts, man bun having- donut print wearing weirdos be? I'll tell you, nothing, absolutely nothing- well maybe some new IG followers. See "beefing" with Greg I know that when that day comes for us to lay on that bench to see who is king for a day and collect that cash ( we have a $500 bet), he will show up.

There won't be any sorry it's my mom's birthday today, worked called, my babies sick. There won't be any my pec don't feel right, my back hurts- no fucking excuses we will be getting under the bar and giving it our all, and that's why we are "beefing" as lame as the saying goes steel sharpens steel.

No one would call out someone they knowing they could blow them out of the water with out giving it there all-well at least I wouldn't. We use the shit talk to fuel us to push harder; it's motivation- I want 600 pounds, Greg want's 600 pounds and mark my words we will both do anything and everything to beat the other guy. When it's all said and done one of us will win, and one will lose- but I know that $500 bucks will be spent on a good ass dinner for both of us-unless one of us bomb then rules are you eat alone LOL.

So, aside from the jokes and all the shit talk, I hope someone takes away this- set a goal and chase that motherfucker like it slapped one of your kids- and let nothing and I mean absolutely nothing stand in your way. That is the mindset you should have- if you don't agree fine, it's not for everyone- greatness isn't easily attainable, but is attainable never the less- how bad do you want it?