I am a very passionate person, I have been told in the past I am very emotional by immediate family and people I have worked for. I have always taken this statement negatively because it was always concerning topics that I reacted to out of emotion and not always logical. In 2010 I decided to pursue nursing school with no prior background, I knew I wanted to help people. God did not have that career field in store for me, but I do believe I was called to help others, as I partially believe we all are.

The last 11 days of my life have been filled with a lot of challenges, many of the issues were because I could not face certain things as they presented themselves to me, I was too passive. When I finally met these thoughts, I did what I felt needed to be addressed, it turned into something I was not ready for and will learn from it for a very long time. When I spoke my thoughts I ended up hurting someone extremely badly - I know there is evil in this world that can cause pain - I have never experienced being the cause of someone else's pain from an emotional standpoint. The feeling of love is a very deep emotion and when it is woken up if one is not ready to care for it -may I suggest from current experience- you quickly express that and do not let it linger on. This might be very simple logic for most of you that stumble across this blog post but it was not for me, I thought nothing of it and carried on for too long without addressing it.

I am a person that tries really hard to treat others as I like to be treated, as well as keep my business and troubles away from others. I love teaching and helping, never in my short life have I known the power that one can have over someone in relation to emotions.  As I use this log to vent out my current disturbances all I can do is sit here and think of how I could have approached the situation better, unfortunately, better is not the answer, sooner was.