• Warm Ups
  • 2 sets each various shoulder raise and push downs. Again this is just warming up. I would also put it 1-2 sets of hanging leg raise and GHR’s Also include shoulder circuit for 1 rotation.
  • *Add in band pull aparts and band face pulls. 


  • Squats 
  • Work up to 95-100% of your best squat in the gym or meet, whatever is higher.
  • Add reverse bands and do two more jumps. Use all the same gear you will use in the meet.


So I wanted to hit at least 500 today and had planned to hit my 100% (465) to see what it was like then take it from there.

Bar, plate, plate quarter, 2 plates (I just do plate quarter jumps jumps for a bit and the bar is a mastodon so math it up if you want to), 2 plates and a quarter, 3 plates, 3 plates and a quarter, 4 plates, 465, 500.

Thank you to my contractually obligated friends and non contractually obligated friends for all their help.

I put my briefs on for plate quarter then the suit on, straps down for 2 plates and a quarter because why not. Then put the straps up loose for over 3 plates then adjust the straps accordingly. I don’t have a lot of jumps because I am not squatting a whole lot so I like to have my straps on for a few warm up sets to get in da groove.

Anyway then I saw what everyone did at the WPO and felt like total shit about my squat.


One of these things is not like the other


  • Bench Press with Shirt 
  • Using boards this week work up to heavy single on 1 board. No need to touch this week.

I did not use boards. We are trying to not use boards so we don't get used to them in case we don't have them at a meet or something. Put the shirt on for 185 (no touching) (just looking). 225. 275. The plan today was to work up a little from last week (hit 315 then and it was pretty fine. Just like me.) and hit 320 today. I DID NOT. (read that like Borat. Very topical).

I was just fried from squatting. So what would have been a second or third at the meet now had to be reevaluated. The question is whether we should not push the squat and save some pushin juice for the bench or go lady balls to the wall for the squats and lower expectations for the bench (and lower the opener).

I usually defer to Dave on decisions since he obviously knows way more than I do but in this case I felt that I should push it on squats and just suck ballsack on the bench since I can 1) probably get more pounds for my total on the squat and 2) am hopefully less likely to fuck up a bench than a squat. I fucking hate typing that out in case it goes sideways.

Anyway for me it just seems like there are a million more things that can fuck up on bench either leading to a miss or reds than there are on the squat. While I would like to get a 320+ bench in the meet, I would rather get the lbs for my total and definitely a less shit squat than I have had in the past. So that’s where that is at. Now it’s just a matter of adjusting my opener.

That was the end of training for that day.   Sunday I did accessory work for the whole bod. GHR, back attack, shoulders, tricep extensions, abs, hamstring curls, leg extensions, lat pulls, also probably did a lot of talking.