Currently feeling pretty rough, waking up and going to sleep with some aches and pains. Not sure if training related, or if I'm coming down with something (the plague perhaps?). Regardless, it's made training really mentally taxing-- trying to mentally prepare for lifting when it hurts to sit or stand (not crushing pain, but it lets you know it's there!).


I think I probably pushed it a little too hard the week before last, and now I'm paying the price. It's a lesson I tend to forget, but it goes something like "don't  rob Peter to pay Paul"?

Something's gotta give, and I think what I need to do is give myself some more TLC and rest on my off days (whereas I've been feeling so good, I've been doing more extra lifting, or other high-energy activities, etc.)

Maybe I spoke too soon about all that extra GPP... not to say it hasn't done me good, but I tend to forget that more is not always better. It's just more.