And that’s a wrap with my final bench session of this training cycle. 10 days out to my first semi-geared single ply meet. I will be squatting and benching in gear but deadlifting raw. I did not get the carryover from my suit that I need for my pulls so I am going with what I do best, RAW!

If nothing else, all I needed tonight was some confidence. I certainly wasn’t training to get stronger, I was training to hit my opener with some confidence. Learning to lift in a bench shirt brings a whole new meaning to challenging.   I also got myself a nice raw opener tonight so in the back of my mind I can open raw if I needed to then hit two reps in a shirt .  After my shirted bench tonight I’m pretty confident I will be just fine. It's nice to know though that a 185 lb raw opener would have been the most I have ever opened with, I have definately gotten stronger this training cycle.


45 LBS X 10

75 LBS X 5

95 LBS X 3

125 LBS X 2

135 LBS X 1

165 LBS X 1

185 LBS X 1 (This would be my raw opener)



245 LBS X 1 (Tucked to much)

255 LBS X 1 (Finally a good solid rep)

If all goes well on meet day I will open with 250 lbs for my bench. This cycle I really trained my lats, upper back and triceps hard. I think this will pay great dividends come meet day.

10 days out, RPS Canada and I’m excited to see what I can do. A huge thanks to my all my Outlaw team and my training partners, Ken, Jamie and Carri.  I could not have done it without them.

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