This weekend was a UGSS and there was a lot going on. I got to catch up with some teammates I hadn't seen in some time and got to meet some new ones. In-particularly JP Carroll (his log here: ) who is strong as an ox and a good guy.

Over the years the climate of the UGSS weekends has changed and I can't say for the better or worse just different. Things are a lot more diverse now than they used to be and that is cool but the competition between teammates is a lot less because of it. Everyone is more supportive of each other now but sometimes it was motivating to be called out and kicked in the ass.



Indian club swings, band stretching, hip rotations


Squats - wore Metal Ace briefs and Metal Ace suit -straps down

worked up to 750 for 3 sets of 2 reps


deadlifts - pulled against quaded light bands

225 for 8 singles


finished up with light reverse hypers and hanging leg raises.