I recently posted on social media about wearing shorts. Prior to me moving to Ohio [then Pittsburgh], I used to rock shorts all the time. Moving to the cold, I learned how to layer. Mind you, I still don't own a true winter jacket. With that being said, out of habit, I've been wearing leggings. They are my go-to. Between gaining and losing since I've been here (which is a factor), I've also grown self-conscious. Here are a few things as to why:

1. Genetics

2. My calves are small

3. I'd like to build more muscle.

These are not bad things AT ALL. Just means I need to take it a step further. What comes to mind is- Arnold hated his calves. So he cut all his pants to expose them. To remind himself if he wanted better looking calves, he's gotta put in the work. More shorts it is- which brings me to another point. Have an open mind when I say this.

I am all about empowerment. Love yourself. Be yourself. But that doesn't mean to be complacent. The speech "I accept who I am" is all good and dandy, but what are you doing to get better?

I'm a pretty confident person and it has taken me years to build myself up, break myself down, and build myself back up again. But I'm not going to just shrug my shoulders and say "my work here is done." In reality, you're never done.