Shoulder Racks - via Donnie Thompson (old school movement influenced by Dick Hartell Vault).

For these I learned to do them for time rather than reps/sets. Try 3 x 30sec-1min


Calve exercise  - this was taken from no other than John Meadows. Just out of habit I realized I ALWAYS wear leggings until one day I wore shorts and noticed how small my calves are. We never want to stop improving our bodies, even if that means we want to improve aesthetically.


"Lesson 1: When you walk around during the day, you contract your calves but you don't stretch them. When you go to the gym to train calves, it is very important to focus on the stretching portion of the movement. This is what your body isn't used to and what will help you grow.

Lesson 2: Calves can handle insane frequency. This means that you can and should train them absolutely every single day.

Lesson 3: Remember to train all of the muscles in the lower part of your leg. You need to train your tibialis anterior as well as the typical exercises for gastrocnemius and your soleus."