**This post doesn't include warm up sets, just top sets & load drops/back offs**
Competition Raw Bench x3 @7, x3 @8, x3 @9 plus 2 down sets (load drop)
Weight:175 lbs Reps Completed:3 Reps Intended:3 RPE:9
Weight:165 lbs Reps Completed:3 Reps Intended:3 RPE:8
Weight:165 lbs Reps Completed:3 Reps Intended:3 RPE:8.5
Row of your choice x6 @7, x6 @8, x6 @9 plus 1 down set (load drop)
DB Bench x10 @6, x10 @7, x10 @8 plus 2 down sets (repeat)
Weight:105 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:8
Weight:105 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:8.5
Weight:105 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:9
Squat w/belt x5 @6, x5 @7, x5 @8 plus 2 down sets (repeat)
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8.5
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8.5
 Trained early in the morning-- felt very fatigued. Not sure if because of change in training time or b/c of general fatigue.]
2ct Pause Deadlift x4 @7, x4 @8, x4 @9 plus 1 down set (load drop)
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:4 Reps Intended:4 RPE:7.5
Weight:315 lbs Reps Completed:4 Reps Intended:4 RPE:8
Weight:335 lbs Reps Completed:4 Reps Intended:4 RPE:9
 Erectors/Lats feeling very tight.]
Single arm cable pull down x12 @7, x12 @8, x12 @9 No Drop Sets
Weight:35 lbs Reps Completed:12 Reps Intended:12 RPE:7.5
Weight:40 lbs Reps Completed:12 Reps Intended:12 RPE:8.5
Weight:40 lbs Reps Completed:12 Reps Intended:12 RPE:9
Deadlift w/belt x5 @6, x5 @7, x5 @8 plus 2 down sets (repeat)
Weight:380 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8
Weight:380 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:9
Pin Squat x5 @7, x5 @8, x5 @9 plus 1 down set (load drop)
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8.5
  Not my normal gym-- rack was shaky/uneven, made walk outs very difficult. So stayed conservative.]