Bench (touch and go) x10 @8, x10 @9, x10 @10 plus 2 down sets (load drop)
Weight:135 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:7.5
Weight:145 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:8.5
Weight:150 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:9
Weight:150 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:9
2ct Pause Bench x5 @7, x5 @8, x5 @9 plus 2 down sets (load drop)
Weight:135 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8
Weight:140 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:9
Weight:140 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:9
Row of your choice x10 @6, x10 @7, x10 @8 plus 2 down sets (repeat)
Deadlift w/belt x5 @6, x5 @7, x5 @8 plus 2 down sets (repeat)
Weight:345 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:7
Weight:365 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:7.5
Weight:375 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8
Weight:375 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8.5
  little heat in the gym-- had to use straps to hold on to the bar]
Pin Squat x5 @7, x5 @8, x5 @9 plus 1 down set (load drop)
Weight:225 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:6
Weight:255 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:7
Weight:275 lbs Reps Completed:5 Reps Intended:5 RPE:8.5
Weight: Reps Completed: Reps Intended: RPE:
  Hip felt weird-- had pain, so backed off.]
 Leg Press x10 @7, x10 @8, x10 @9 plus 1 down set (load drop)
Weight:90 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:6
Weight:180 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:7
Weight:270 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:8
Weight:360 lbs Reps Completed:10 Reps Intended:10 RPE:8.5