Tuesday Lower- The Incredible Bulk+Suit=?????? :( :/


As you can see, this is not a DE lower day since this is the third week of this little phase of squatting against bands in place of our regular DE work.



  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)




  • Straight or Buffalo bar to parallel box. 
  • Use same band tension as last time and work up to max single in bar weight. Slight pause on box. 


The first week we did these Dave mentioned that I maybe should put my suit bottoms on during this heavy banded squat time. So duh of course I was going to do it.


We had a strong and mini band on each side (about 250 at the top) and I got up to a plate and I was like oh cool this is starting to feel a little heavy (I got to 195 for a double two weeks ago so that wasn’t a great feeling) and I was like fuck it I’ll put the suit on.


Please keep in mind I have gained some weight since my meet. It took a long time to shove my sausagey body into that fucker.


I put a quarter on top of the plate and barely got anywhere. Went to 2 plates and stupidly tried to shove myself down to the box which caused me to round over significantly. It reminded me of the good ol days when all of my max squats looked like that. I put some change on the bar and cut it high before the suit pulled me around then called it a day.


Then it took 3 people and 1 pole to get my suit off me. 3 girls 1 pole. Well 2 guys 1 girl 1 pole but you get it.


So it was about 85% band setup/shoving myself into my suit/teammate bonding disrobing and 15% actually squatting


Also Nate bemoaned the lack of shit talking in my previous few logs so here it is: NATE SQUATTED LIKE AN IDIOT FOR MOST OF HIS SETS AND FLAILED HIS ELBOWS AROUND WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM.


How was that?



  •  RDL for 5 sets of 5 and Inverse leg curls for 5 sets of 5


RDL 215 and started with a quarter on inverse leg curls and ended up at a quarter and a dime….



  •  Heavy ass face pulls 5 x6-8 






  • Belt squat marching 3x 90 seconds  


3 plates


  • reverse hyper 3x15 lighter with chest up pause at the top- using about 50% or more as what you use for heavy reverse hypers. 

4 plates total


Free time

plates home

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