Thanks be to general monotheist god that I am back to squatting.

Well, mostly. We are in a little conditioning/hypertrophy block now.

My first day back to squatting involved light “technique work” in large briefs 225 for MANY SETS of triples. We just kind of kept squatting and NO ONE STOPPED US we can’t be left up to our own devices with no adult supervision apparently.

Then we moved onto good mornings like 6x5 I just had two quarters on each side I was having trouble feeling them in my hamstrings so I just kept trying different things getting it to work and it wasn’t and I was all flustered and I was like FINE I DON’T LIKE YOU EITHER, BAD MORNINGS (I told them).


Here is where things got exciting. I think Dave’s idea for the day was just to show us why we picked powerlifting and never entertained the idea of doing figure or bikini or something along those high rep lines. Because shit got real bodybuilder.


We did some close stance leg press I’m not sure what was on there it was a mix of plates and bands and it was fairly heavy like if we did half the amount of reps I would have been like ok that was still kind of heavy. We did a handful of sets of 30 a set of 50 then a set of 20 and somewhere in there more or less bands or plates were added or removed I don’t know it was all a blur and then a set of MARGARET THREW UP.

It was great. I’m so proud of her.

Prowler Halloween Flu_6214867530_o


For some reason she decided to puke in private in the bathroom instead of into the patented Dave Tate puke bucket full of kitty litter. I’m not sure why.

Then we moved onto some seated hamstring curls 3 sets of 15 full reps then up to 50 reps with partials so more like Christmas ham curls AMIRITE??!!

And then because I believe in doing movements that closely resemble the competition lifts, I did glute kickbacks for 3-4 back to back sets. Back to the gluture. OH WOW I’M ON A ROLL WITH THE GLUTE JOKES that’s like 3 logs in a row my glutes and my jokes are ON FIRE.

Then I did the innie outtie machine and standing abs.

Ok here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

What do you call a MRSA germ that is hired to infect people?







By Thursday Margaret was done vomiting so it was time to train again. Just kidding she was done puking on Tuesday but it just helped propel the narrative forward.


On the menu today was some light speed bench. 95 lbs 8x3. Since I changed my bench setup a few weeks out from the last meet, I am making sure I keep that setup this whole training cycle around so I don’t do that thing I do every time where a month out I realize I don’t know how to bench.

Following with our higher rep supplemental movements, dumbbell floor press 60 lbsx15 65x12 65x7

Rolling triceps 35 lbs 4x10

Going back to my bodybuilder roots (aka the one time I did partials on Tuesday) I did drop sets of tricep extensions on the cable machine starting at 60 lbs and moving down the stack when I couldn’t get anymore until I was grimacing and making loud noises so EVERYONE KNEW HOW HARD MY MUSCLES WERE WORKING.

Since once you drop (set), you just don’t stop, I followed it up with some on the lat pull with the wide mag grip handle starting at 120.

Face pulls 110 4x12-15. I rarely feel like face pulls do much for me so I’m trying extra hard to do them with purpose and squeeze my back, instead of just furiously jerking off the cable machine.

Reverse curls 4x25x25. Wouldn’t reverse curls technically just be putting something down?

Stir the cauldrons. Still brewin’ that polyjuice potion.