I am currently in Phase #1 of my program for the 2015 United States Strongman National Championships. This phase is focused on increasing my speed on the yoke, increasing my overall lower body strength and increasing my bodyweight. I'll also be working on my event technique. I'm also raising an amazing infant boy, while still working, training and living life. My next competition will be the USS National Championship in late June where I'll be competing in the 220# class.

I've been MIA lately. I've still been training, but I've been in a bit of a training funk. I haven't been motivated to train. I'm sure it all stems from having to work around my wrist. I've been putting work in, don't get me wrong. It's just not the same. I've also had a lot of life stress to deal with lately with some family health problems. I just haven't been in the right mindset. I've also been super busy with life in general. We also celebrated my sons 1st birthday. Time flies. I feel like he was born just yesterday.

I was 4-weeks post wrist injury last Saturday. I was told I could "test it" at that point by my Doctor. I did train what I could and some movements caused pain, but overall it feels pretty good and I'm looking to push it harder this week. I just tapped it really good and wore my elitefts wrist wrap really tight.

I'll be following the programming I planned to use at 14-weeks out on. With the wrist I've been working around it, so I haven't been able to follow it. I have done the best I can though to work around the wrist.

My original template looked like this:

Week A.


A. Log Clean & Press

B. Yoke

C. Stones

D. Some accessory work (hams, abs)



A1. Incline Bench

A2. Weighted Chin Ups

B1. Strict Overhead Press

B2. Blast Strap Row

C. DB Overhead Press

D.  Dumbbell Curls



A. Deadlift

B. Squat

C. Block Pulls


Week B.


A. Log Clean & Press

B. Yoke

C. Farmers

D. Accessory Work (hams, abs)



A1. Strict Overhead Press

A2. Pull Ups

B1. Bench Press

B2. Blast Strap Row

C. Incline DB  Press

D. Curls



A. Squat

B. SSB Squat

C. SSB Good Mornings


As of now I'm still going to pretty much follow that template. I'm just modifying some weights and some progressions. I'm still confident that I'll be my best come Nationals. I've got plenty of time.