I'm experiencing some health issues and getting lab work and testing done to see what is going on with my body. Once again.

My mind is elsewhere and to just take stress off and keep enjoyment in my training, I'm relying on CJ's classes until I feel it's cool to start lifting main movements heavy again. Not ideal considering I'm competing in August but I only have one body. I want it healthy for a long time. So I listen very carefully and remove ego.

Warm up: 10 min treadmill incline 6.0 / 3.0 speed

  • Fatbell Pause Floor Presses 3 x 10 (50lbs)
  • Strict Overhead Fatbar Presses 3 x 10 (85lbs)
  • KB Dead Stop Rows 3 x 15/15 (no rest)
  • DB Bench flies x DB side laterals x Front Raises 3 x 15/15/15 (no rest)
  • Cable Rope Pushdowns x FB rolling extensions 3 x 20/15
  • Reverse cable pushdowns x FB Curls 3 x 15/10

CJ's Class

  • Reverse sled drags w/ Ball (50lbs)
  • Dead bug x Bird Dog x 10
  • Battle Ropes x :30 seconds
  • Fwd x Back Iron Cross