While I couldn't train like I wanted to and lacked motivation to train I still put in some work. Below is what I did upper body wise during the past couple of weeks.



A1. 1-Arm DB Press - 3 sets of 5-7 reps.

A2. 1-Arm Blast Strap Row - 6 sets of 10.

B1. 1-Arm DB Bench Press  - 3 high rep sets



A1. 1-Arm Incline DB Press - 3 sets of 5-7

A2. 1-Arm Blast Strap Row - 6 sets of 10

B1. 1-Arm DB Overhead Press - 3 high rep sets


I also did some very light movements (overhead press, incline, etc.) with just a barbell. Mainly just going through the movements.