Using a new bench grip to avoid pain

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I've been dealing with costochondritis or sternum pain since about last December. It's been a frustrating ride, but I've been making strides in my recovery. I'm cautious about benching too soon after my meet and want to make sure that I don't ruin the progress I've made from taking time off. I've noticed that when the pain is bad, it hurts to even bench the bar since I bench with a wide grip and it puts extra strain on my pecs. After a bit of thinking this past week, it occurred to me that a close grip might end up being a way for me to train without causing pain. So, I tried it. No pain.
A huge victory for me!
I kept the weight fairly light and just focused on the feel of it the whole time.
I'm excited to actually have a good pain free bench day!


Incline Dumbbell press
up to 70lbsx10

Lateral raises

Close grip pull downs

bicep curls


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