I'm with my family in Topsail Island, North Carolina. I have a meet coming up September 16th, so I had to get in a couple of training sessions. I took advantage of the rainy weather we had and headed to a local commercial gym about 20 minutes away. Owning my own facility and training at Elitefts on the weekends I have definitely been spoiled in terms of equipment and atmosphere. I've only been in a commercial gym a handful of times in the past 7 years.

For what it was this gym was ok. Enough to get an upper body day in, I didn't plan on going too heavy anyways. I was fortunate enough to run in to another powerlifter who was also getting ready for a meet- easy enough to recognize by the inzer shirt, chucks, and wrist wraps. Fortunately, he was also benching so we both had someone to hand out and spot.

Bench Press:

Close Grip bench:
315x 5 x 5sets. I didn't rest very long (for me) between sets, so the last couple were actually pretty tough.

Accessory Work:
Lat pull down- v grip. 3x15
seated cable rows- v grip 3x15

50 cable tri pushdowns.