This weekend I was in Columbus for the first ever EliteFTS Sports Performance Training Summit. Mark Watts and the entire staff did an INCREDIBLE job putting it together, and the coaching line-up was out of this world. I could go on for a while, but I'll just say that between the presentations and just talking shop with people, I walked away from the weekend with a lot of great thoughts. This morning I went up and trained at the compound with Todd, Ted, David Allen, and Christian Anto from NBS Fitness. I did cambered bar box squats and then wanted to take some heavy deadlifts to get an idea where my pull is. I haven't taken a heavy (max) competition-style squat or deadlift since Worlds in November (but have been kicking my butt with plenty of variations). I over-did it with training full-gear and going too heavy too often the past few training cycles, so if you follow my log you've seen that I've been doing a lot more sub-max volume (by way of more sets), more box squatting, more raw work, and using more accomodating resistance. It seems to moving things in the right direction!

Max Effort Lower @ the EliteFTS S4 Compound:

A. Cambered Bar Box Squats w/ 100lbs Chains (in Metal Ace Briefs)


330+chains x 5

420+chains x 3

470+chains x 2

470+chains x 1

Down Set: 330+chains x 5

Overall these didn't feel too bad, but I still need to stay more upright. I was able to focus more on pushing through my heels/outside of foot when squatting up off the box (a cue I haven't been focusing on nearly enough till I watched the recent how-to video from Eric Maroscher and Mike Strom in the MGG Coaching Log). My briefs are also really loose in the hips, so Todd is altering them for me for next weekend, which should help a lot.

B. Deadlifts (in Metal Jack Deadlifter)





655x1 (Gym PR)

655 felt real easy, I've been working on loading my glutes/hamstrings and pulling back through my heels instead of "up", and it's slowly improving. I'm excited to see where my deadlift is in the next few months as I close in on a meet.

C. Seated Hamstring Curl Machine - 4x12

D. Spud Strap Pulldown Abs - 4x10

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