Week 1, Day 1 - Deadlifts & Back

I'm currently training for USS "Hope for the Holidays" strongman push/pull competition in December. Training focus is strength with some hypertrophy emphasis.

Today was my first day back in the gym (to train myself at least) in 11 days. It was a nice little break and I feel fresh starting this phase. Everything moved good and felt good. It's the first week getting back into strength focus, so nothing too crazy or impressive. Just putting in some work.


Speed Deadlifts

8 sets of 2 @ 425# w/60s rest


4 in. Block Pulls

3 sets of 6 @ 460#


Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

4 sets of 8


DB Rows

4 sets of 8 w/115s


Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

3 sets of 15

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