Week 1, Day 2 - Log Clean & Press (VIDEO), Chest, Shoulders & Arms

I'm currently training for USS "Hope for the Holidays" strongman push/pull competition in December. I'm working with Mike Mastell and training focus is strength with some hypertrophy emphasis.


-This session felt good. The log felt a bit rusty and my technique/timing felt a bit off. The weight was pretty light though, so I'm excited to ramp things up in the upcoming weeks.

-The rest of the work I just trained like a bodybuilder and really tried to feel the muscles working.

-Rest was 2 minutes on log and incline DBs

-Rest was 60-75 seconds on everything else



Log Clean & Press (clean once, press away)



4 sets of 8 @ 200#



Incline DB Bench

80s x 12

90s x 12

90s x 12

90s x 9

80s  12


Incline DB Flye

4 sets of 10 w/35s


Seated DB Laterals

3 sets of 10 w/30s


Barbell Front Raise

3 sets of 12


Seated Hammer Curl

3 sets of 8 w/45s


Rolling Tricep Extensions

3 sets of 12 w/40s


Barbell Curls

3 sets of 10 @ 75#


Rope Pressdowns

3 sets of 12

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