Shoulder health is my biggest focus right now. I have done so many swings in the last few months with the ShouldeRök™ that I have become a firm believer in this product and what it can do for your shoulders. My shoulder health is getting better and my flexibility is better than it ever has been. If you were in doubt about getting one of these, drop the redneck sledgehammer swings and get one. A supreme tool to have in your kick ass tool box!

My other focus is to keep my body intact and stay healthy and do my first multiply bench only meet in two years - this October. I'm excited about this training cycle and will do all I can to make this a successful meet for myself. I'm not looking to get a PR just yet but to get my feet wet again and build from there! I just want to hit a good lift and have fun!


6 total sets of 10 swings

Shoulder Horn

5 x 10

Banded Shoulder Stretch

3 x 10 seconds

Mini Band Pull A Parts

3 x 20

Hanging Stretches

3 x 20 seconds