Week 11, Day 3 - Shoulders & Triceps

Coming off of a 2nd Place Finish at USS Nationals in June, I'm now in an off-season hypertrophy phase for the next 12 weeks. I'm working with Mike Mastell on my programming and it's based off of John Meadows Mountain Dog Training with a slight strength emphasis.


-This session was pretty good overall. My son wanted to go to the gym with me, so it took a little longer to get through than I had planned.

-Everything felt good and strong. I also got a nice pump. I'd say it was a good day.



Log Push Press






Arnold Press

2 sets of 6 @ 80# DBs

2 sets of 6 @ 85# DBs


Strip-the-Rack Presses

1 set of 5 @ 155#

2 sets of 5 @ 175#


DB Shrugs

4 sets of 20


DB 6-Ways

3 sets of 10 w/10# DBs


1-Arm Rope Pressdowns

4 sets of 6 on setting 12


Overhead Rope Tricep Extensions

3 sets of 12 on setting 9


Bench Dips

40, 30, 30


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