Week 2, Day 1 - 8 Weeks Out - Deadlifts & Back

I'm currently training for USS "Hope for the Holidays" strongman push/pull competition in December. I'm working with Mike Mastell and training focus is strength with some hypertrophy emphasis.


-Deadlifts moved fast and felt strong. Intensity is still low, but ramping up. I'm also pulling twice a week at the moment.

-Block pulls moved fast, felt light.

-I really hammered my back with the rest of the movements. I trained these more like a bodybuilder and really felt the muscles working. Kept rest around 90s here.




8 sets of 2 @ 460 w/75s rest


Block Pulls

3 sets of 4 @ 495 w/90s rest


Lat Pull Downs

3 sets of 8 on 180

1 set of 8 on 200


DB Rows

4 sets of 8 w/120s


St. Arm Lat Pull Down

3 sets of 15 on 70

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