Saturday - Training
Single leg squats bw 5x10
Chain leg curls 2x25
TKE's 2x25

Sunday - Conditioning/Recovery
Treadmill 20 minutes LISS
Back mobilization work

So I am staying true to my word and not squatting and deadlifting with weights. My back felt much better than it did benching on Friday. I did back mobilization stretching between sets and it gave me a lot of relief. I set this up by putting a medicine ball on a little box against the wall. Then I set up a chair so the ball was in my low/middle back, where I am experiencing the most difficulty. I very easily moved around in all directions. After each set I sat down and did it again. Each time it felt a little better.

What I was a little smarter about this session is that I did not try to stretch aggressively. That is often a problem for me. I figure if I can suffer through some pain for a deeper stretch, it will yield greater results. That's almost never the case.

I was really psyched to know that my stability has gotten much better with unilateral work. I used to stumble a bit on single leg squats. I was much more rock solid this time around. I'm sure it's because that psoas problem is clearing up.

It's a constant battle, but I am seeing some hope.

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