I love the camel "hump day" commercial. Gives me the belly laughs every time!

Squat Session:

Warm up:

  • Active hip circles
  • Glute bridges
  • Stretch
  • 2 sets of quad sets (  contraction of quad for 2 seconds and releasing helping the muscles around my knee to hold my knee caps in place.)

Exercise 1:

Box Squats - working sets

  1. 135x5
  2. 155x5
  3. 165x2x5 (165 was the goal of the day)

Tried to get all my sets recorded but of course it ended prematurely.

Exercise 2&3

Goodmornings and reverse hypers 4 sets

Exercise 4

Farmers walk 50lb per hand 5 sets 1min rest between sets.

Abs work: 50 continuous sit UPS , 50 continuous lying leg raises

Interval cardio training: manual treadmill 15 seconds on and off 10 rounds.